Safe and Effective Surface Sterilization

We have had clients asking for an inexpensive, automatic, and safe way to sterilize greenhouse cleanrooms, dryers, laboratories, and hospitals.

The problem with wet spray or wipe-on solutions is that the solution must dry, and be effectively applied against the surface, which is practically impossible. Application, the solution itself, and the drying/venting process are significant cost factors.

The problem with UV light solutions is that the light must come into contact with the surface, which is again practically impossible.

The best solution is a gas solution that can circulate and touch every surface. The issue is what gas should be used that is safe and guaranteed effective. The obvious answer is OZONE which can be created from the oxygen in the room and has a short half-life.

We have permanent and portable systems that accurately administer, measure, chart, and remotely notify users when sterilization is complete, and when it is safe again for human occupancy. Please contact us for more information.

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